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Common Sense beats computer malware & viruses!

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Common Sense beats computer malware & viruses! Empty Common Sense beats computer malware & viruses!

Post by Admin on Tue Jun 03, 2014 7:16 pm

Common Sense beats computer malware & viruses!

If people were to practice "safe hex" then these scams would not work!

Sadly there is not much you can do if people have not got any common sense.

If you receive an email from anybody with an attachment, you should always ask yourself:

Do you know the sender?

Do you trust them?

If you get an email supposedly from a online retailer or parcel company, if that mail has an attachment DO NOT OPEN IT!

Online retailers etc., do not format their orders, receipts etc like that, Amazon will NEVER send you an email with an attachment!

These current scams ALL need you to physically open the attachment, it is that action that runs the virus code!

Make sure that you have manually changed the settings in your email program or webmail client, so that it does NOT OPEN ANY attachments.

You should also consider setting your email client to display/read ALL emails in PLAINTEXT format.

Remember practice "SAFE HEX" and use common sense and you will NOT go wrong!

There are lots of good Antivirus & firewall programs/software available, best advice stay well clear of Symantec (Norton) and also McAfee crapola, as they are BLOATWARE.


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