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Poor old Tory boy & cnut, Gotelee.

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Poor old Tory boy & cnut, Gotelee. Empty Poor old Tory boy & cnut, Gotelee.

Post by Admin on Fri Feb 28, 2014 8:55 pm

What a shame, I bet that right wing conservative supporting fuckwit and so called hypnotist, yes that Gotelee twat, must be devastated that his much loved bum chum IDS is in so much trouble. What with ATOSsers pulling the plug on their side of the job. Still what is bad news for that tory loving cunt, is WONDERFUL news for those of us who have been persecuted, victimised and mentally tortured by the HATE FUELED SYSTEM!

What makes this that little bit more sweeter, is the fact that a MOLE deep inside the DWP revealed what it actually means for those of us who already been assessed!

For some it is good news, but for tory supporting scum! Well the system is not just FAILING, it is FALLING APART! and rightly so too

All the best to those FUCKWITS, especially the TORY ARSE LICKING CUNTS!

Have a nice weekend folks.,




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