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What a shame, what a pity!

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What a shame, what a pity! Empty What a shame, what a pity!

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 28, 2014 3:45 pm

Faecesbook may be able to censor me, but they can't bleeding silence me.

You see these forums are nothing to do with facebook, the FUCKWITS & RETARDS that facebook employ have no control over these boards. So read it and weap! Oh yes FUCK YOU!

A much bigger FUCK YOU goes to the staff & management at facebook inc.  Laughing 

I am pleased to state that EVERYTHING that I have posted on facebook, both text comments & pictures will all be posted on my nice little forums. That means that everything that facebook might dislike will appear instead on those forums. That is EVERYTHING from the following groups & pages!

So the fuckwit staff at facebook and the cunts who manage facebook, YOU CAN CENSOR ME, BUT YOU CANNOT SILENCE ME! So like I said it gives me great please to say "FUCK YOU!"

For those who like to keep score, perhaps you should ask who has really won?

So I have removed some other facebook postings, BUT unfortunately for those involved I will be making sure that ALL TEXT BASED COMMENTS are posted in these forums, I will also be UPLOADING ALL the pictures that I had put on facebook to a nice little site and I WILL POST A LINK TO THOSE IMAGES on these boards too

Have a nice folks!




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