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Jeez, talk about inbred fuckwits & retards!

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Jeez, talk about inbred fuckwits & retards! Empty Jeez, talk about inbred fuckwits & retards!

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 14, 2014 8:08 pm

I can only assume that those fuckwits are result of generations of incestuous inbreeding, as what other reason is there for them to be such fuckwits & retards.  You see they post saying I talk crap and that they are not interested with anything I post...

But yet that still have to come and have a look! Funny that!    Rolling Eyes 

Mind you I am just glad I am not keeping any scores, as I happy to admit it does get boring if people can't help but fail everytime!

Still try and keep it coming LOSERS!

You see the BIGGER they are the harder they fall, not only that but some people have got much more to lose than others.

Have a nice day (I know I am)





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