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Oops I did it again...

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Oops I did it again... Empty Oops I did it again...

Post by Admin on Thu Apr 23, 2020 5:14 pm

For those who like to read my monotone, diatribes, my moans, my whitty sarcastic comments, then I have some news for you, most will see it as very good news, the rest of will feel relief.

Anyway it would appear that I have finally gone that bit too far and I am now *persona non grata* in/on what was one of my favourite pages. Because of that I will NO LONGER be posting or replying in anyway on the local Newbury and Thatcham Berkshire facebook page.

I know that this will get a certain CLIQUE of local gossips and trolls beating their jungle drums, but I really

Best wishes to all and I hope you all stay safe.


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