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A New facebook group for locals...

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A New facebook group for locals... Empty A New facebook group for locals...

Post by Admin on Sat May 11, 2019 8:38 pm

This is a new group which I created a few days after I took delivery of my Mavic 2 Pro (Zoom).

As the title suggests the group is for anybody who wishes to share & view arial images & videos of Newbury & the surrounding areas.

It does not matter what you use to take the images/videos, but please stay within the laws when you do.

I really don't care or mind who wishes to join this new facebook group, I will treat each and every join request on it's own merit no matter who you are, I will use the answers to the join request questions to help me make my decision as to whether I should accept or decline any join request, especially from those people on facebook who have BLOCKED me or I them. Lastly let say this if you have a problem with me Garry D Povey of Newbury, Berkshire. Then please do not waste your time on clicking or attempting to join. After all what is the point, it's my group.

Anyway please feel free to join, should you wish. Smile

Note: If either you have blocked me or if I have blocked you on facebook, then I may be willing to let you join the group but I will treat every join request individually and if I decide to all anybody who has blocked me (or I them) then they should note that they will *NOT* be able to see or read any of my posts, however as the groups admin I will be able to see & read their posts but I may not be able to reply.

Best Wishes to one & all.,

Garry  Smile

Newbury & West Berkshire From Above!


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