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Stan, Stan the cameraman loves...

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Stan, Stan the cameraman loves... Empty Stan, Stan the cameraman loves...

Post by Admin on Sat Jan 05, 2019 4:25 pm

So Stan, Stan the cameraman, journalist and now bona fide media mogul just loves to quote from wikipedia. Indeed wikipedia is his go to reference source should anybody dare to question him on any of the crap he has posted to facebook.

Thankfully though most people know that only a complete and utter fuckwit would actually quote from wikipedia, as most people with more than a single braincell will know who wikipedia works and the fact it can be updated by any other fuckwit... So as it has been proved many a time in the past, the information contained on wikipedia is anything but genuine, correct and TRUE!

But hey carry on dear boy, the truth has never bothered you before.

Happy New Year folks.,



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