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Stan, Stan, the camera man...

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Stan, Stan, the camera man... Empty Stan, Stan, the camera man...

Post by Admin on Sat Aug 11, 2018 3:01 pm

Stan, Stan, the camera man can...

He claims to know the laws about copy right, he claims to know all the TOS/AUP of facebook, he claims to know the laws on harassment.

When in reality he is just a clueless idiot.

He claims he is a "journalist" he claims to filming local "news" events.

When in reality he is just a very SAD, VINDICTIVE, PATHETIC, & PEDANTIC, LOATHSOME LONELY OLD MAN, with nothing better than to go around the local Newbury area filming people who are just living a better & happier life than him.

Stan, Stan the camera man, can(t) as in reality he has over a short time been personally removed & banned from most of the local Newbury groups, he has been blocked by many on facebook on account of being a TEDIOUS, PREDICTABLE, BORING OLD MISERABLE, BENILE, MAN, with little or NO regard for others or their PRIVACY.

Stan, Stan, the camera man... Now I really believed that I was a TWAT on facebook, HATED & DESPISED by many, but by god Stan, Stan the camera man you are even worse than me old boy, so thanks for that much at the least.

Stan, Stan the camera mans personal group can be found here... You never know he might well have secretly & covertly filmed you for his so called "Journalism" or "news" reports.


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