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Dark sense of forboding

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Dark sense of forboding Empty Dark sense of forboding

Post by Gazzadp! on Sat Jun 09, 2018 9:44 pm

Feeling like the worthless, useless, lowlife piece of crap that I know I really, truly and honestly know that I am...
Totally and utterly depressed, but sadly due to my personal experience, I know have much urther to fall into this dark hell hole of a void before I ever hit rock bottom.
I will be honest I hate myself MUCH MORE than anybody else is capable of hating me. Such is life and it is my own fault.

As I see things at the minute, there is only one option, onlyone way out.

I have a real sense of forboding and I have got a horrible premonition about the next few days or week.

So f*ck it with this life, I have had enough of it.

Still it will be good news for some.




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