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A Reminder...

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A Reminder... Empty A Reminder...

Post by Admin on Thu Feb 08, 2018 8:05 pm

Just a polite reminder of a couple of things regarding my facebook groups.

Firstly may I remind people that if you should either join or get added to the facebook group entitled:

Newbury Moaners and Debates Page.

That due to the history of the above group and its creator then I will have NO OPTION but to add you to my facebook personal BLOCKED list and then if you are a member of any of my facebook groups I also DELETE/REMOVE you from any of the facebook groups that I have created with immediate effect, or as soon as I possibly can.

PLEASE NOTE: If I BLOCK you it will be PERMANENT, I do not give second chances NO matter who you are or may be.

Secondly anybody who has BLOCKED me, will if they are a member of any of my groups will be DELETED/REMOVED from my groups.

If I have already BLOCKED you or (you me) on facebook then you NOT be able to join any of my groups, any request from people that I have blocked (or them me) will be refused.

BTW: your profile name will appear in BLACK text if you have blocked me or if I have blocked you, so it is easy for me to spot.

I want to make this clear this is NOT about drama, it is not about confrontation, it is not about grudges. If people want to think or believe otherwise that is up to them.

This is about me protecting myself, it is about me doing what is right for me! If people don't like it then tough. If it means that I end up deleting and blocking everybody in my groups, then so be it!

I will do and always will do what I think is right and best for me!

So if you join that group and you then find that I have NOT only BLOCKED you, but DELETED you from ANY/ALL of my groups... ATLEAST YOU WILL KNOW WHY!

Best Wishes to one & all.,

Garry Smile


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