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FUCKWITS of Newbury Moaners & Debates Page...

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FUCKWITS of Newbury Moaners & Debates Page... Empty FUCKWITS of Newbury Moaners & Debates Page...

Post by Admin on Sat May 20, 2017 7:44 pm

I really don't know what the problem is of those people who have joined that facebook group "Newbury Moaners and Debates Page" apart from being certified CUNTS & FUCKWITS (ALL OF THEM)!

Perhaps they are all educationally subnormal, they all must retarded in their own little ways. As NONE of those FUCKWITS who are members of that group can fucking read, that much is obvious....

As tell me, what the FUCK is so hard to understand about the following statement that appears in group description of my groups, including the Greenham Common, Then & Now group.

It reads as follows and I quote:

"NOTE: If I have BLOCKED you or you have BLOCKED me then you cannot join, likewise members of the group "Newbury Moaners & Debaters" are NOT welcome and will NOT be able to JOIN this group!!!"

You fuckwits are only wasting your own time, when you try and join any of my groups.

So have a nice day/



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