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This site will NOT be DELETED nor EDITED!

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This site will NOT be DELETED nor EDITED! Empty This site will NOT be DELETED nor EDITED!

Post by Admin on Mon Jan 16, 2017 4:04 pm

The best thing about me being me, is as I have said I don't give a shit about what people, do, say, write or even think about me! That means there is NOTHING they can do that will bother or hurt me. I have NOTHING to lose, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! NO job, NO career, NO money, NO property etc., I am happy to say I have NO friends to lose either! That is why I really

I am NOT scared of ANYTHING or ANYBODY, I have NOTHING to FEAR either! As for those FUCKWITS who think they can SCARE, INTIMIDATE or THREATEN me, you CANNOT, YOU WILL NOT, NOT NOW & NOT EVER! Neither have you ever done so!

Being "attacked" by the likes of you low life scum, wannabe trolls & FUCKWITS, is like "being mauled by a DEAD sheep!"

The best thing about everything is that those so called TROLLS, those LOCAL FUCKWITS, need to ask themselves the same thing?

Sadly though as time will no doubt tell, they are far to INGORANT, far to ARROGANT, FAR TO STUPID and full of their self importance they will be UNABLE to see the true answer, but I suggest they ask themselves the question who stands to lose more?

It is not me continuing this charade, but it seems that there are at least 2 people who wish to carry on with the petty, childish, immature & PATHETIC behaviour, but then that is what they are SAD, PATHETIC, IMMATURE FUCKWITS, with nothing better to do.

They know who they are, still I am not interested, I have not been either, they might care. I

But what really pisses them off is, this forum site is still up, GET USED TO IT, IT ALWAYS WILL BE! I have NO intention of removing that site, not deleting any posts on it.

I would rather not have to add more stuff to it either, but that is their choice NOT mine!

NOTE that the forumotion link will ALWAY be live, even in the event of anything happening to me such as ill health!

So make sure you bookmark this link:

Have a nice day folks.,



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