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Regarding my FB Groups/pages!

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Regarding my FB Groups/pages! Empty Regarding my FB Groups/pages!

Post by Admin on Thu Oct 22, 2015 9:34 pm


Due to the way that facebook works, I know that those people who have blocked me and those that I have personally added to my blocked list can still read this, as it posted via my page and not my personal feed.

Anyway some people may well have found that they have recently been BLOCKED by me, some of them will also have found that they have been removed from the facebook groups that I have created too.

For those that are wondering why, I would aks you to think about what they have done on facebook over the last few weeks, specifically what groups they have joined recently. There is one particular group on facebook that I will do anything to protect myself from and therefore when people join that group, I will BLOCK them and they will be IMMEDIATLY BANNED from any of my groups. I am not prepared to name that group and I will not make any apologies for this stance either.

I don't care who you are, how long I have known you, whether or not I know you in person or even if you are family, join that group and you will be BLOCKED & BANNED!

I don't need people like that, people like YOU in my life!

NOTE: The group concerned with the above was already named in a previous thread on this forums, now whilst I acknowledge that that group has also since changed its name a couple of times in recent weeks, I feel the group has not changed and neither has its real purpose. That post is still available in my group/page, but to be honest I cannot be arsed to trawl that far back and bump that post.

But for me that group was set up for one purpose and as such that is why I feel the way I do, feel free to join it. But if you do you, I don't care who you are, I don't care if I know you in real life, I don't care if you are friends or even family. You will be added to my PERSONAL BLOCKED LIST and deleted from any/all of the groups that I own. As where that group is concerned, my own safety, well being, sanity is what matters... Secondly the integrity of my groups matters.

Best Wishes & Have a nice day.,



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