Suspicious Activity In Newbury fb page BULLSHIT!

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Suspicious Activity In Newbury fb page BULLSHIT!

Post by Admin on Mon Feb 15, 2016 9:14 pm

I just love browsing that Suspicious Activity In Newbury, Thatcham And Surrounding Areas facebook page, the way the retards admin it never ceases to amuse what with Shane, Tim and it is fuckwittery at its absolute best.

The admins are power hungry little nazi's with not a single braincell between the lot of them, "has it been reported" blah, blah... If anybody shows any dissent then they block them, very mature and grown up! If only they knew what twats they look. But then they are sadly that big headed that are so too full of themselves to see that they are pathetic little wankers.

Still it is fun to watch! "Eyes & Ears" yes and brains full of shit and over inflated ego's

Have a nice day folks.



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